Ken has broad based Denver community support with District 1 voters as reflected by his receiving over 750 votes more than Susan Shepherd in a field of 7 candidates in the May 3, 2011 General Municipal Election.  His supporters include:

  • Mayor and Secretary Federico Pena
  • State Representatives Dan Pabon, Crisanta Duran and Joel Judd (retired)
  • RTD Board Directors Angie Malpiede, Ken Riley and former RTD Board Chair and State Senator Ben Klein
  • Polly Baca, Former Colorado State Senator and House of Representatives member.

Ken’s supporters also include the following businesses and community leaders:

  • St. Killian’s Cheese Shop
  • Studio Bini (children’s clothing)
  • John Galvan Art Studio
  • Jack-N-Grill
  • Denver Classroom Teacher’s Association
  • The American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), the City workers.
  • Mac-Bestos, Inc.
  • Julien Design Studio
  • CCSI Contractors
  • Alpha Business Resources

Some of Ken’s individual District 1 supporters are:

  • Michael Kadovitz, House District 4 Captain
  • Barry Roseman, Attorney
  • Barbara Arguello,
  • Michael Kadovitz,
  • Betty Kadovitz,
  • Cipriano Griego, Attorney
  • Louise Griego,
  • Cec Ortiz, Former Deputy Director Denver Office of Economic Development
  • Rob Prince, University of Denver
  • Frank Quintana, Denver Assistant Fire Chief (retired)
  • Nick Avila, Owner Tamale Kitchen
  • John Galvan, Artist
  • Sharon Klein, Former 4 Term Denver County Democratic Party Chair
  • Bob Mullan, Attorney
  • Wade Eldridge, Attorney
  • Micahel Belo, Attorney
  • Ralph Torres, Attorney
  • Lynn Torres
  • David Martinez, Attorney
  • Orlando Griego, Director and Executive Vice President Colorado Community College
  • Vivian Griego
  • Elisa Facio, Professor University of Colorado
  • Larry Ambrose, District 1 Leader
  • TommyRay Sena, National & State Effective Latino Community Leader

Here’s what people are saying about Ken Padilla:

“Ken Padilla understands and supports the need for quality public education. We know Ken will work in collaboration with Denver Public Schools and classroom teachers for the benefit of our children.”
Henry Roman, President of the Denver Classroom Teachers Association

“Ken Padilla’s understanding of the inner-workings of the City of Denver will aid him in helping to solve the City’s budget problems.”
Kenneth Riley, Executive Director of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees

“I admire Ken’s community involvement and commitment to public service.”
Crisanta Duran, Colorado State Representative

“As a lifelong resident of Denver and former State Representative, I know that Ken Padilla has the leadership and vision to fight for families of Northwest Denver.”
Joel Judd, Colorado State Representative (ret.)

“Ken Padilla understands the importance of family and education. Ken will work with the Denver Public Schools, as well as out local colleges and universities, to foster meaningful and effective educational opportunities within our Denver community.”
Orlando Griego, Faculty Emeritus, Dean and Executive Vice President, Colorado Community College System (ret.)

“Ken Padilla is unquestionably the best choice for Denver City Council District 1. He has been actively involved in representing our community for over 40 years. Through his efforts, he has opened the doors for hundreds of qualified residents of our community that now proudly serve in our Police and Fire Departments.”
Frank Quintana, Denver Assistant Fire Chief (ret.)

“The Denver Classroom Teachers Association is proud to support Ken Padilla for City Council. Ken understands and supports the need of quality public education. We know Ken will work in collaboration with the Denver Public Schools and the classroom teachers for teh benefit of our children and community.”
Henry Roman, President, Denver Classroom Teachers Association

“Ken has the energy and commitment necessary to be an effective Councilman for District 1. Ken’s history of determination and integrity shows that he is unafraid to take on difficult challenges for the community. As a longtime Northwest Denver resident, I am voting for and endorsing Ken Padilla.”
Sal Carpio, Denver Councilman (ret.) and former Executive Director of Denver Housing Authority

“I enthusiastically endorse Ken Padilla for Denver City Council. Ken is the most qualified candidate and is a proven leader who has been in the forefront of the struggle for equal opportunity for all. He is a principled and passionate advocate for issues important to our community and has fought for good jobs, adequate housing and quality education. It is time we elect a courageous fighter for hte working people of Denver.”
Polly Baca, State Senator (ret.)

“As a longtime Denver business owner, I wholeheartedly endorse Ken Padilla for Denver City Council. Businesses and the community will be proudly served by Ken, who has the ability, character and vision to be an outstanding leader for Northwest Denver.”
Jim Rivas, CEO Mac-Bestos, Inc.

“I have endorsed Ken Padilla for the Denver City Council in District 1 because I know Ken is a fighter and he ‘gets it.’ He understands issues and will roll up his sleeves and ensure that City government responds to the needs of businesses and the community.”
Jim Hannifin, Colfax business owner, property owner and President of the West Colfax Business Improvement District

“I support Ken Padilla for Denver City Council because he has a vested interest in helping Northwest Denver thrive. He’ll work hard to support the well-being of our community and its families.”  
Laverne Herrera-Hay, Co-Managing Director, Highlands Mommies

“As an astute and experienced businessman, Ken Padilla knows what it takes to sustain and grow a small business in Denver. As District 1’s Councilman, Ken will be a tenacious leader and promoter of economic opportunity for residents of Northwest Denver and the City as a whole.”
Cec Ortiz, former Deputy Director, Denver Office of Economic Development (ret.)